Experienced leadership

With a demonstrated history of success in real estate


The GGICO team has combined decades of experience across multiple global markets, a dedication to creating exciting real estate opportunities, and an attentive, responsive approach to customer service.


Bobby Abraham

Chief Financial Officer

Bobby Abraham has more than 20 years of experience in finance, real estate and project financing, combining high-level contract negotiation knowledge with deep operational experience. With extensive experience driving success, managing profit margins and leading sales teams, Mr. Abraham has developed extensive business relationships over the years with commercial and investment banks as well as a wide range of private corporations.


Nesar Reza Khan

Head of Sales, Investments & Marketing

Nesar Reza Khan has more than 15 years in real estate management and project sales and marketing in the US, Australia, Europe and the MENA region with strong technical and business qualifications. He has exclusively managed over 80 real estate and strategic marketing projects and has also helped to set up the projects division of Better Homes.