REIDIN Report – Dubai Property market seeing a 21% growth over 2 year period.

While the Dubai property market has seen a definite slowdown, this has mostly due to the increased regulations. Set in place to curb the rampant short term speculation that was bad for the industry as a whole.

Every market fluctuates, yet the international press has taken the opportunity to create negative and eye catching headlines. That often are chasing advertising sales, rather than the reality of the situation.

“Dubai is currently in the ideal position to cement long term growth in the real estate market. Traditionally a market where speculation was dominant, we can now offer investors mid to long term capital appreciation as well as excellent rental yields” Marco Bonini – Head of Sales & Marketing

In spite of these press reports the real data still shows a positive outlook for the Dubai Market in medium to long term. REIDIN an independent Real Estate Information Company focusing on Emerging Markets, Recently released a report based on actual RERA transaction data. Showing a 21% growth in property prices over a 2 year period.

Source –—august-2015.html

Steady long term growth

You can see from this report, the Dubai Property market is a seeing steady trend for growth.

What we have seen over the last year is a removal of the short term speculators (flippers) – which is good for everyone in the industry. Removing these artificial price increases and a move to a more a mature market, driven by real demand.

As a medium to long term investment property investments still remain one of the best options. Especially in Dubai, considering the huge increase population and demand for rental properties, creating healthy rental yields.

There is still so much potential in Dubai, it has come a long way in the last decade and no plans to stop growing. Take a look at how far Dubai has come in this video…

While the market may go up and down, Dubai has long term plans for infrastructure and the 2020 vision to the UAE one of the leading countries in the world. Let alone the MENA region. It’s still looking good for Dubai in the long term, something a lot of people agree with.