“Regardless of budget, location, timing or preference, we believe in equally exceptional service for all of our customers and our success is measured solely by the satisfaction of clients.”

Our Approach


In keeping with the company vision to provide best in class real estate services, GGICO Properties, a member of GGICO PSC, has opened a 17,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Sales Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

The GGICO Properties Vision

GGICO Properties recognizes that we have a long-term responsibility to our clients and the UAE. Dubai has seen real estate companies come and go. GGICO has been around for 40 years and we are here to stay. Our brand new Sales Centre features interactive video walls, a coffee lounge, luxury VIP meeting lounges and offices catering for a team of up to 60 representatives and support teams. The Sales Centre digital experience displays our full portfolio of real estate and investment offerings.


GGICO has been delivering expertise and growth in the region’s property industry and the opening of the Sheikh Zayed Road Sales Centre is the next part of the journey. GGICO Property Services is committed to delivering a high standard of services to clients, and with its proven knowledge and established network, is able to deliver a wide variety of property solutions. GGICO Properties provides developers and individuals comprehensive services including property sales, leasing or renting as required, and to support this commitment we have created an engaging, innovative digital experience.

Andrew Chambers
Chief Executive Officer



We give our clients the benefit of our extensive experience in the market so they are comfortable, confident and informed when it comes time to make a deal. No one should settle for anything less than their ideal property. If we don’t find it the first time around, we keep working until we do.

Our approach

We specialise in helping our customers find their ideal property


Whether through our exclusive listings, international partnerships or our extensive industry network, our team is dedicated to helping you find that perfect space.

Our service

Finding a home is both an emotional and financial transaction.


We understand our clients – at our new state-of-the-art showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road, we’re committed to delivering a higher standard of service and clarity.

Our experience

Led by veterans with extensive local and international experience


We leverage our management’s experience across multiple international markets and our brokers’ extensive know-how to give our clients all they need to make an informed decision.