6 reasons why Dubai Property is still a strong investment

Believe it or not, there has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Dubai. With property prices stabilising and the market maturing, some great deals are to be found. Supported by these core reasons to invest in Dubai.

1. Economic Safe Haven
Dubai is seen as a safe haven for regional investors in the typical stormy MENA region.
The open and accepting culture of the emirates and central location, put them in place to become a center of trade and commerce for the region.

2. Tax Free Status
With a strong diversified economy, flexible residency and tax free status will continue to attract HNW & UHNW clients to make a home in the region. As well attracting regional financial ‘refugees’, leaving less stable areas. Very limited fees & taxes compared to other developed countries. Plus zero income tax & capital gains tax.

3. Luxury Lifestyle
Dubai is one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With a wide range leading luxury hotels, restaurants, malls and entertainment options. The Emirates accepting culture allows residents to enjoy the norms they would in their home countries.

4. Diversified Economy
Dubai has a healthy diversified economy, based on trade, commerce and tourism. Which has grown from year to year, with a GDP growth of 4.6%. Growth supported by the local government’s 2020 vision, with huge investments in infrastructure and new industries and tourism. And developing Dubai’s economy into the leading hub of commerce, trade and tourism for the region

5. Population Growth

The population of Dubai is growing expected by 5-6% per year up to 2020 and beyond. This will make Dubai one of the most populous urban areas in the GCC area. Raising the demand for land and homes in all segments in the market.

6. A Maturing Market

As the market matures in the UAE, we will see increased protections to investors funds that will avoid some of the mistakes learned from the 2008 crisis. The introduction of RERA regulations have added protection for investors and stability to the market. Overall this will make doing business more challenging, but add a layer of much needed credibility and stability.